What’s so different about HOK Homes is a question we often get asked.

One thing that we believe separates us from many operators in the building industry is that we are STILL passionate about the industry and love what we do.

After all, it’s not every day you can say you love your work.

It is important to us, that our clients receive the most up to date information on their projects as possible which sets a high but important bar for communication.

Whether if be new technology or bringing you those cutting edge materials, if we are unsure about the best solution, we will do the ground work for you and provide some solid answers.

Clear communication means happy clients

It’s our number one priority that you are clearly informed and Hok Homes’ staff pride themselves on having the knowledge to help you make the right decision with your renovation or building project.

What’s more, our aim is to keep projects on time and in budget so there will be no surprises with Hok Homes.

Our clients are kept well informed through all the building stages and we are keen to do the best by them because nobody likes recalls. – nor does Hok Homes staff. Our staff are taught there are no short cuts.

Hok Homes staff are taught there is no such thing as a short cut. Our motto is:

“Spend the time and do it right first time”.